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It really is just that!


‘CAUSE I’M ON TOP OF THE COFFEE – meet the aromaLID™

We put so many hours and cups of coffee into creating a perfectly designed lid that gives your takeaway beverage the same feel as a normal mug. You get the protection of a lid while still having that sit-down, cafe experience.

Thanks to this amazing design, the risk of spilling your coffee or tea is completely put aside. The aromalid™ makes our cup safe and easy to carry anywhere.


That Glass

Borosilicate glass is a strong material, Known for its resistance to thermal shock, it is also microwave and dishwasher safe.

The glass doesn’t compromise the taste of your hot drink unlike other materials, and you'll be able to savour your coffee or tea without ingesting any nasty chemicals.


The Bands

The silicone bands have a diagonal cut. Invert one and put them together to form one awesome way to protect your hands and your drink. They're made with 100% non-toxic, food grade material that keeps the heat in and your mitts safe.


What's on the outside counts too

Hey, we’re not done yet. La Bontazza has thought of everything. We just LOVE our packaging. As if making it of recycled material and using minimal printing resources wasn't already enough, we thought about making something you can upcycle too. We believe an important part of reducing waste is purchasing products where all the materials can be repurposed.