Coffee risotto - recipe

Risotto is not only versatile, but easy to make, and as such the dish has found popularity around the world, from home kitchens to those of the finest restaurants.

The history of risotto is naturally tied to the history of rice in Italy. While there are many conflicting opinions on the historical intricacies, rice was first introduced to Italy and Spain by the Arabs during the Middle Ages.

Today the dish is served extensively, almost unchanged, in the kitchens and restaurants of the world. Ingredients as varied as scallops, lobster, truffles, veal, mushrooms, squid ink, asparagus, duck, sausage, pumpkin and almost anything else are paired with this classic dish.

Today we would like to introduce to you the coffee risotto recipe. In this creamy dessert version, the combination of coffee and brandy together give the rice a delicious and unique flavour.

1 cup italian coffee
1 vanilla bean
1/2 cup arborio rice
2 cups milk
1/2 caster sugar
30g unsalted butter
1 cup thick cream
1/4 cup brandy

Place vanilla bean in a saucepan with a cup of brewed coffee, bring to the boil. Add rice then turn off heat and let it soak for 5 minutes.
Return rice to low heat, add the milk and cook very gently, stirring occasionally until the rice is tender.
Finally, add sugar, butter, cream and brandy, and cook over low heat for a further 5 minutes. At the end remove the vanilla bean.

Serve immediately the coffee risotto with the cream and...just enjoy.

Kate Lovell