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Think about this...

How many people around the world are enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee or tea right now? Every day millions of people, enjoying their coffee in their paper or plastic cups. Right now, hundreds of people are throwing their cups in the garbage where they will never decompose.

Going green is simpler than you think. There are so many ways in which we can reduce waste, and using a Cup of Goodness is a great place to start!

and this...

Taking care of our Earth is not just a responsibility - it's a privilege. In that spirit, we want to give you some facts from around the world to think about:

  • In the USA, around 25 billion Styrofoam cups and 58 billion paper cups are thrown away annually, which amounts to 20 million trees.
  • The use of paper products is the main cause of deforestation. 
  • Product packaging makes up about 1/3 or more of our rubbish.
  • Annually, 15 billion litres of water are used in the production of paper cups - this amount of water is sufficient to fill about 6000 Olympic swimming pools.
  • In Italy, around 14 billion coffees are consumed each year.
  • Polystyrene or Styrofoam cups are not biodegradable, and neither are most paper cups as they have a plastic coating to prevent leaks.
  • If you were to save a cup a day for 40 years you would save 24 trees.

Put an end to waste and put sustainability in the palm of your hands.