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Italy and Australia represented in one product.



In early 2014 two decisive factors gave birth to what is now a dream come true. We love coffee and the culture that comes with it, and we hate pollution. We started with drawing sketches and remembering Pi and together we've built something to believe in; something we love and enjoy every day. A chat over a vino has given life to something that is now an essential part of our lives.

People meet and cultures combine, and in this circumstance it became our path to becoming more conscious about how we treat this Earth and what we can do to make it better.


When did we decide that we needed a new cup every day to drink our coffee? Our main purpose is to encourage people to waste less disposable material.

Our aim is to help everyone become more conscious of how much waste we unnecessarily create. Now is the time to change. It’s the time to point to sustainability.

It doesn’t involve a sacrifice – just a thought. What are you waiting for?